Why AIA ?

    1. Axis Institute of Architecture (AIA) has a mission to produce the best architects of the state to take up the challenges of physical, socio-cultural and environmental development of global standards.

    2. Apart from academics, AIA lays a very strong emphasis on an overall development of a well rounded the personality of its students with both professional and emotional maturity to take up the challenges in their chosen profession and to contribute to the development of society.

    3. In addition to transmission of knowledge through a very well thought teaching pedagogy, AIA lays a strong emphasis on knowledge creation through a well-planned research program in emerging areas and application of knowledge by undertaking issues and problems from the industry.

    4. Committed to providing first class styling based education, in a welcoming and exciting environment, with the aim to train all our students to a level of excellence in skills required to succeed in industry now.

    5. The tutoring and guest speaking team at AIA are united to create an outstanding learning experience for our students. One that meets individual student goals and enables every student to develop as confident and competent architects, and a who have a great deal of fun in the process. The training that AIA provides is first class and enables our students to access and work with success within the vibrant architect industry.

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