Diploma in Interior Designing

A three year diploma course in "Interior Decoration and Design" was designed and developed by the Board of Technical Education, U. P., Lucknow in 1989. The aim of the course was to develop interior design professionals in to meet the expected want of such professionals in the market in the coming years. After the lapse of about seven years in today's economic scenario the rising incomes and expectations in the wake of rapid urbanisation have created a crying need for aesthetically pleasing, efficient interiors which also incorporate technical advances in fields such as air conditioning, purpose oriented lighting accoustics, etc. However there is a big vacuum of trained professionals in the field who can satisfy such a demand within reasonable cost. This demand is bound to increase rapidly in the coming years. Also there has been great change in the perception of modern living by coming up of new technologies and materials. The course contents of the earlier syllabus remained no more consistent with need of the time, hence revision of the course become imperative. Keeping the aims and objectives of the curriculum same as they were intended before, the course content has been suitabily reset, reoriented and enriched in many ways to suit the present needs. The note worthy characteristics of the revised syllabus are as follows.

In first year level a new paper "Professional Communication" has been introduced. It is to make the students able to deal with day todays communication of todays business life.

In second year of the course a paper "Introduction To Computer" has been introduced. Computer has entered in every walk of todays life. It is imperative to intorduce interior decorators and designers with the computer, so that, if they wish to, they should be able to make use of computer in their professional life.

Two paper "Apprecication of Architectural Design-I & II" in the previous course are clubbed to make accomodation for new papers, and so the new paper has been suitabily named "History of Interior & Furniture" and placed in First year of the course. The contents of the papers are suitably remodelled.

Also the paper " Furnishing and Fittings" & " Building Material" in first year of the old course are clubbed so the new paper has been named " Building Construction & Materials" be fitting with proper change in content.

"Display - I & II" two papers are clubbed together to place them in final year with common name "Display". The course content has been revised and enriched carefully to meat the need of the time.

Workshop - II & III are combined together place them in second year with common name "Workshop/Fabrication".

Besides above the subject matter of the curriculum suitably rearranged logically and enriched when and where it has been felt so. With all these changes it is hoped that the new course will prove conducive to student for employment point of view.

Main features of the curriculum:

Course Title Three Year Diploma in Interior Design
Duration Three Years(Six Semester)
Type Full Time Institutional
Pattern Semester System
Intake 60
Entry Qualification Passed Highschool with 35% Marks
Mode of Admission Through Joint Entrance Examination

Course Subject Include:

1st Semester

1 Professional Communication
2 Basic Design and sketching
3 Graphic Presentation
4 History of Interior and Furniture

2nd Semester

1 Building Construction & Material-1
2 Interior Design-1
3 Computer Application For Engineering

3rd Semester

1 Appreciation of Decorative Designs
2 Interior Services
3 Furniture Design
4 Workshop/Fabrication Shop

4th Semester

1 Interior Design-2
2 Building Construction & Material-2
3 Product Design
4 Computer Aided Design-1

5th Semester

1 Building Construction & Material-3
2 Display
3 Estimating,Costing & Specification
4 Computer Aided Design-2

6th Semester

1 Environmental Education & Management
2 Interior Design-3
3 Management,Accounts & Professional Practice
4 Project
5 Field Exposure
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